Maikel van der Vleuten wins with VDL Groep Sapphire the Grand Prix of Maastricht

MAASTRICHT- With a spectacular round have Maikel van der Vleuten and VDL Groep Sapphire won the Grand Prix of Maastricht 2013. Maikel surprised everyone in the barrage with an unexpectedly sharp turn for a obstacle to create a very fast time.

'' Before I came into the ring my father told me that there was the possibility for a quite sharply turn to the right after the second last fence. When i came into the ring I took a look at it and saw that it was extremely tight, but it was possible. I came out perfect at the oxer and when I pointed out to right Sapphire was very alert and almost faster than I reacted. From then on it was full gas to the last fence. "said Maikel, who was the only one of the eleven riders that maked that sharp turn.

  • 1) Maikel van der Vleuten en VDL Groep Sapphire B (Mr.Blue x Grand Veneur) - 0 / 0 - 36.66
  • 2) Simon Delestre (Fra) - Napoli du Ry (Baloubet du Rouet x Silvio I) - 0 / 0 - 37.72
  • 3) Gert-Jan Bruggink (De Lutte) - Primeval Dejav (Heartbreaker x Ramiro) - 0 / 0 - 38.58




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