Maikel is back from the show in Hong Kong

HONG KONG - In the Grand Prix ended Maikel and VDL Groep Verdi after a clear round in the first manch and one fault in the winning round on a sixth place. Maikel says: "the obstacles were high and wide. The time was short and because the arera was small, it was a technically extremely difficult course. However, we continued in the first round to stay fairly easy clear because Verdi did quite well ".

In the first manche there were seven clear rounds, including the round of Maikel and VDL Groep Verdi. In the second round Maikel wanted to achieve a quick and clear ride and then see in what place that would take him. "We had to start as eighth in the second round. I had behind me still four quick combinations. We went off to a good start, but unfortunatelywe got 1 fault. He has jumped well here though. I'm satisfied, also with this sixth place in this strong field. '


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