Maikel van der Vleuten wins the GCT in Madrid

MADRID - Going from newly crowend Dutch Champion to win the Global Champions Tour title in Madrid made the two last weeks something pretty special for the Dutch rider.

The tracks in the Global Champions Tour on Saterday were really something. ''The last two lines in the first round were quite tricky. It was ok until you came on the line with the water, but from there it was difficult. Many horses did not jump that last line from the oxer to the two combination very good. That was a tricky round end. The second round's difficulty lay in the really short time allowed and it was also a hole bigger than the first round'' said Maikel.

There were two double clears in the GCT in Madrid, Maikel and Marchus Ehning. They had to compete in a jump-off fot the title. Maikel and VDL Groep Verdi NOP knew to be 1,54 quicker than Marchus with Plot Blue and won the title in Madrid.

''The last weeks Verdi has been feeling so good and his fighting spirit is really there now. It gives me the feeling that i can go for it. The control was there but he was still sharp enough. And in a hige ring in Madrid i can really gallop him, and to the last fence let him strecht out to win some time''.




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