Great results for Maikel van der Vleuten in London Olympia

LONDON - Maikel van der Vleuten has achieved great results during London Olympia. On the first day he won with VDL Groep Eureka the Christmas Pudding Stakes. In this 1.50 class against the clock he new to ride a quick and clear barrage. In The H&M Ivy Stakes (1.60m with barrage) Maikel and VDL Groep Eureka achieved a nice seventh place.

Also with VDL Groep Arera C was Maikel very succesfull in London. On the first day in the The Horsezone Santa Stakes (1.50 m with barrage) they managed a third place. In the Saturday night class, 1.50m with barrage, they knew to stay clear and beacause of a great and very quick barrage they wrote the class on there name. Also in the last class of London Olympia, the Grand Prix, they achieved a great second place.

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